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ITC Provider Support Material

MultiLIS Symphony Admin
Cataloging Patrons OPAC
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ITC Provider/ End User Support Material

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ITC Provider Support Material
Category Topic Material/ Description Date
Helpdesk ITC INFOhio Provider Guide
Request help from INFOhio
INFOhio Cherwell Web Interface
INFOhio Specific INFOhio Glossary  TBA
INFOhio Institution code list  10-Dec-2018
INFOhio Passwords  25-Oct-07
Scanners P370 Configuration Instructions 16-Apr-01
Networking Access Checklist 30-Jun-12


Troubleshooting BLUEcloud Troubleshooting Guid (PDF) 6-Dec-19
Adding Districts to ISearch
ISearch Configuration Worksheet
Getting Started with eBooks FAQs
ISearch eBook Connector Demo
ISearch eBook Connector Flyer
OverDrive Authentication Questionnaire
ITC Providers FAQs
OverDrive Shared Collection Order Form
OverDrive Individual Collection Order Form
ISearch eBook Connector Price List
Introducing MobileCirc - pptx 22-Feb-16
Peripheral Hardware Pricing 2-Feb-16
Fact Sheet - 2015.10 15-Jan-16
Admin Help - 2015.05 15-Jan-16
Setup Guide - 2015.10 15-Jan-16
Training Guide - 2015.12 15-Jan-16
MobileCirc Kiosk User Setup  
MultiLIS Reference Old MultiLIS DAS Doc Materials (Leaving ITC DOCS) -14-Aug-06
Reference Old MultiLIS DAS Doc Materials (Leaving ITC DOCS)
OLS-MORE Resources /LibraryStaff/MOREResouces.html (Leaving ITC DOCS) -
Setup INFOhio OLS: MORE Registration/ Configuration Form 11-May-05
Patrons Updating  Patron Update Procedures  3-Sep-10
Photo Resizing Patron Photos Using Multiple Image Resizer .Net  
Converting DSL/DASL Pictures for INFOhio Nov 2011
Decreasing Photo File Sizes Using Multiple Image Resizer  26-Apr-13
Policies Setup Instructions for completing ITC Policy Worksheets  24-Dec-03
Instructions/ Order for entering policies (C-Client).  To be used with Policy Worksheets.  24-Dec-03
Instructions/ Order for entering policies (Java Client).  To be used with Policy Worksheets.  24-Dec-03
Policy Worksheet (ITC) 24-Dec-03
Suggested Genre Codes and Descriptions  20-Oct-2015
General Max Checkout Limits  12-Jan-05
Sirsi Policy Docs  Jul 2009
Staff Web Client Documentation Preparing Instances for the Staff Web Client 13-Mar-09
Training Material SirsiDynix SirsiDynix Training Guides (Requires Client Care Login) (Leaving ITC DOCS)
  INFOhio Suggested Provider to End-User Training Syllabus 29-Sep-2015
Symphony Admin General INFOhio Unicorn System Administration  26-Jun-2012
Basic Unix Admin (PDF)  12-Jun-03
Unix Essentials  12-Jun-03
Librarian/ ITC TEST Checklist  Jul 2004
INFOhio Sirsi K12 Go-Live Form 11-Aug-04
Maintenance Applying a SirsiDynix Patch Using 28-Apr-09
Inventory - C Client (Leaving ITC DOCS) -
Inventory - Java (Leaving ITC DOCS)
Relocating Library Items   4-Oct-07
Adding and Deleting Custom Reports   12-Aug-08
Clearing Test Data  29-Jul-05
Modifying Notice Text Files 26-Oct-04
End of Year Instructions 28-May-2013
Operator Override Codes 14-Oct-09
Release Notes Symphony Release Notes
Symphony 3.6 Release Notes 29-Jul-2019
Symphony 3.6.1 Release Notes 29-Jul-2019
Setup Setup for Floating Collections 04-Apr-17
Instance Creation 22-Jul-16
Adding a Library to Unicorn 21-Jun-2018
Moving an Instance to Different Server  22-Jul-16
Migrating an instance to Solaris x86 30-Aug-12
Removing an Instance 29-May-2013
Dumb Barcode Report Setup  16-Nov-07
Dumb Barcode Setup Spreadsheet  16-Nov-07
Sirsi Port Assignment Instructions 20-Feb-04
Sirsi Port Assignment Worksheet 20-Feb-04
Setup - Java Preparing Instance for Java 21-Dec-07
Workflows Java Client Troubleshooting Checklist  15-Nov-07
Turning on Barcode Validation  19-Apr-07
Java Toolbars and User Access  22-Aug-07
Workflows Java Client Troubleshooting Survey 5-Dec-07
Setup - Properties Property File Assignment  22-Aug-07
Recommended Java Properties Spreadsheet  22-Aug-07

USETHIS base Properties



Solaris Online Learning Center will be terminated on December 31, 2010. The courses will be incorporated into Oracle Academy (fee-based). 16-Nov-10
Upgrading Solaris 9 to Solaris 10 06-Jul-10
Restarting Apache Services 1-Dec-09
Symphony  Workflows Clients Current Client Installations Available from the WorkFlows Handbook
ISearch Adding Instances Adding Districts to ISearch
ISearch Configuration Worksheet
OPAC  Setup e-Library Customization Guide 28-Jan-19
Web2 Web2 Migration Steps (obsolete)
Web2 System Administrator's Guide (obsolete)
Uninstalling Web2
Mascot Setup Mascot Image Editing
Download GIMP Image Manipulation Software (PC)
Download GIMP Image Helps (PC)
BookMyne Setup Configuring BookMyne for Libraries
Download Image for Logo (catpaw_64x64.png)
Download Image for Picture (infohioglobe.png)
BookMyne User Guide (Android)
BookMyne User Guide (iOS)

Dictionary Add Words to Aspell Dictionary for INFOhio OPACs 22-Oct-2014

Staff Web




Technical Documentation for ITC Technical reference ONLY.


Apache - Tomcat - JDK/JRE - Staff Web Installation (word document) 12-Sep-08

File Downloads


Tomcat Downloads (Includes staff web client):


ITC Provider/ End User Support Material
Category Topic Material/ Description Date
 Cataloging MARC Processing Vendor MARC Record Specification Sheet (Leaving ITC DOCS) Jun 2006ca
Reference Material   Handbooks Java User Handbook (Leaving ITC DOCS)
 Maintenance Inventory - Java (Leaving ITC DOCS) -


Checklist  Library Staff TEST Checklist  11-Aug-04
  Policy Worksheets


 Circ Worksheet Inst  24-Dec-03
 Circ User Profile Worksheet  24-Dec-03
Circ Rule Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff LIB1 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff LIB2 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff LIB3 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff CIRC1 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff CIRC2 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Staff CIRC3 Worksheet 24-Dec-03
Agreement Forms Participation Agreement TBA
Participation Checklist TBA
Roles-Responsibilities TBA
Implementation Tools


ITC Support  ITC Support Document Coming Soon  18-Sep-18
JWF Quick Start  JWF Quick Start  18-Sep-18