INFOhio Handbook: SirsiDynix K-12 Library Automation Symphony   

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     INFOhio/Sirsi K12 Manual - Table of Contents Detailed Flipchart Tip Sheet Tutorials
.   Manual cover Detailed
    MultiMedia tools / downloads


Local Information Back to top^
1.0   Local Information:
Table of Contents
1.1   Accessing Workflows Detailed      
1.2 Local Staff User Privileges & Toolbars Detailed
1.3 Local Library Codes Detailed      
1.4 Local User Profile Information Detailed      
1.5 Local Material Types  Detailed
1.6a Local Item Groups Detailed      
1.6b INFOhio Item Groups   Detailed
1.7 Local Funding Sources Detailed       
1.8 Local Class Schemes Detailed      
2 CAT 2.0 - CAT and CAT Jr. Back to top^
2.0 OPAC: Table of Contents Detailed   CAT search widget generator 
2.1   Searching with CAT Jr. Detailed     Cat Jr. ppt 
2.2   Searching with CAT (CAT 2.0) Detailed
Searching with
 Tip Sheet
How to use My Account

CAT ppt

2.3 Searching Strategies Detailed  
2.4 Have You Read?  
Librarian Favorites
2.5   Have You Read?
New Items
2.6   Discovery Portal   Detailed
  Tip Sheet
Discovery Portal search widget generator  
DP District password request
Discovery Portal ppt
2.7   BookMyne     Tip Sheet

Tri-fold pamphlet
PDF pamphlet
Find a Library mp4
Searching mp4
Recommended Reading mp4
My Account mp4
2.8 INFOhio eBooks   e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
2.8a   INFOhio eBook Overview Detailed
2.8b   INFOhio eBooks FAQ Detailed
  Tip Sheet pamphlets

Nook / Kindle
iPad / iPhone

3   Getting Started in Workflows   Back to top^    
3.0 Getting Started: Table of Contents Detailed Flipchart    
3.1 Accessing Workflows Detailed Flipchart    
3.2 Workflows Screen Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Workflows Print Setup
3.3 Wizards & Toolbars Detailed Flipchart    
3.4 Set Properties Detailed Flipchart  Tip Sheet
 Receipt Printer Setup
3.5 Online Help Detailed
3.6 Additional Information Sources Detailed Flipchart    
3.7 Keyboard Shortcuts Detailed Flipchart    
3.8 Dictionary Detailed      
3.9 Library Calendar Detailed Flipchart   Tutorial
3.10 Barcode Options Detailed
4 User Maintenance Back to top^
4.0 User Maintenance:
Table of Contents
4.01 User Helper Properties Detailed
4.1 Display User Detailed Flipchart    
4.2 User Registration Detailed
  Add Faculty  ppt 
4.3 Copy User Detailed
4.4 Modify User Detailed Flipchart Tip Sheet
Manually Add Patron Photos
4.5 Remove User Detailed Flipchart    
4.6 Suspend User Detailed Flipchart
4.7 Unsuspend User Detailed Flipchart    
5 Item Search/ Item Status Back to top^
5.0 Item Search/ Status:
Table of Contents
Detailed Flipchart    
5.1 Item Search and Display Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Search Indexes defined
5.2 Check Item Status Detailed
6 Circulation Back to top^
6.0 Circulation: Table of Contents Detailed
6.1 Circulation Helpers Detailed
Flipchart Tip  Sheet 
Sound Alerts


6.2 Checkout Items Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Holidays/Calamity Days Due Dates
6.3 Check In Items Detailed
6.4 Renew Single Item Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Renew Item in OPAC
6.5 Renew User Checkouts Detailed
6.6 Pay Bill Detailed
Tip Sheet
Quick Pay
6.7 Bill User Detailed
6.8 Credit User Account Detailed Flipchart
6.9 Fine Free Check In Detailed
7   Special Circulation Functions (Other Tasks)   Back to top^    
7.0 Special Circulation:
Table of Contents
Detailed Flipchart    

Book Drop Check In

7.2 User Claims Returned Detailed
7.3 User Lost Card  Detailed Flipchart    
7.4 Modify Due Date Detailed
7.5 Mark Item Used Detailed Flipchart    
7.6 Ephemeral Checkout Detailed Flipchart    
7.7 Transit Items Detailed
7.8 Receive Items in Transit Detailed Flipchart    
7.9 InterLibrary Loan Detailed Flipchart   Tip Sheet 1 
 Reports for Cleanup
Tip Sheet 2
ILL Statuses
8 Maintain Circulation Sets Back to top^  
8.0   Circulation Sets: Table of Contents Detailed      
8.1   Circulation Sets Overview Detailed 10/13      
8.2   Display Circulation Set Detailed      
8.3   Add Circulation Set Detailed   Tip Sheet
eBook Circ Sets
8.4   Modify Circulation Set Detailed      
8.5   Remove Circulation Set Detailed      
9 Holds Back to top^  
9.0   Holds: Table of Contents Detailed Flipchart Tip Sheet
Print Checkin Hold Screen Message
9.1 Place Holds Detailed Flipchart  Tip Sheet
Place Hold via OPAC
9.2 Display User Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.3 Modify User Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.4 Remove User Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.5 Display Title Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.6 Display Item Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.7   Reorder Hold Queue Detailed      
9.8 Modify Item Holds Detailed Flipchart    
9.9 Remove Item Hold Detailed Flipchart    
9.10 Place Blanket Holds Detailed    
9.11   Trap Holds     Detailed            
10 Item Maintenance Back to top^
10.0 Item Maintenance:
Table of Contents
Detailed Flipchart    
10.1 Item Maintenance Introduction Detailed Flipchart    
10.2 Add Item Detailed
10.3 Edit Item Detailed
10.4 Change Item ID Detailed
10.5 Mark Item Missing Detailed Flipchart    
10.6 Mark Item Lost Detailed
Flipchart  Tip Sheet
QUICK Mark Item Lost
11   Basic Cataloging   Back to top^    
    Adding/ Editing Items   Back to top^    
11.0 Basic Cataloging:
Table of Contents
11.1 Call Number and Item Maintenance Detailed
Tip Sheet #1
Assigning Call Numbers  
Tip Sheet #2
How do we Dewey?

Assigning Call Numbers ppt.
11.2 Global Item Modification Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet #1
Discard items
Tip Sheet #2

Correct Library
Call Number
11.3 Transfer Title/Call No/Items Detailed Flipchart   Tutorial
11.4 Remove Item Detailed
    Adding Bib Records   Back to top^    
11.6 INFOhio Cataloging Method Detailed
    10 Commandments of Cataloging ppt.
11.7   Vendor Files     Tip Sheet
INFOhio Vendor 
Spec Sheet
11.8 SmartPORT    Back to top^   SmartPort ppt. 
a SmartPORT Properties Detailed
b SmartPORT: Obtaining Records Detailed
Tip Sheet #1
Evaluate records
Tip Sheet #2  
Match records
c SmartPORT:  Complete the Cataloging Process Detailed 


    Temporary Records   Back to top^    
11.9 Add Brief Title Detailed
12   Advanced Cataloging   Back to top^    
12.0 Advanced Cataloging:
Table of Contents
    Cataloging with Templates
Back to top^    
12.1   Cataloging with Templates overview Detailed
12.2 Local Record Templates
locally produced materials
a Local Book Detailed      
b Local Curriculum Guides Detailed      
c Local DVDs Detailed      
d Local Literary Magazine Detailed      
e Local Newsletters Detailed      
f Local Newspapers Detailed      
g Local Videos Detailed      
h Local Yearbook Detailed      
12.3 Equipment Record Templates
audiovisual / computer
Detailed   Tip Sheet #1
Tip Sheet #2
Uniform TItle list
12.3a   eReader Detailed        Tip Sheet eReader Template
12.4 Original Record Template 
commercially produced materials


Tip Sheet


LC codes list

a   Book Detailed           
b   DVD / Video Detailed           
c   eBook Detailed           
    Modifying / Enhancing Bib Records   Back to top^    
12.5 Duplicate Title Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Derived cataloging
12.6 Modify Title Detailed
Tip Sheet #1
Enhancing MARC records

Tip Sheet #2
  13-dgt ISBN
a   Adding 490 Tag - Series (coming soon)      
b   Adding 521 Tag - Lexiles     Detailed            
c   Adding 526 Tag - Reading Program  Detailed      
d   Adding 6xx Tags - Subject Headings Detailed
      Assigning Subject headings PPT 
e   Adding 856 Tag - URL link to Podcasts       Detailed            
12.7   Cataloging eBooks from existing bib records Detailed
    Cataloging  Resources   Back to top^    
12.8 MARC Export Detailed      
12.9 Sirsi Cataloging Configuration Detailed      
12.10 Cataloging Helpers Detailed Flipchart    
12.11 Setting Cataloging Properties Detailed      
12.12 Class Scheme Detailed      
12.13 Searching Strategies (tags searched) Detailed       
12.14 Cataloging MARC Tags   
BOOK Example
13 Authority Records Back to top^
13.1 Display Authority Wizard Detailed     
13.2 Validate Headings Helper Detailed     
14   Inventory    Back to top^    
14.0 Inventory: Table of Contents  Detailed      
14.01a Inventory Overview Detailed  Tip Sheet #1
 Inventory at a Glance

Tip Sheet #2
Understanding Inventory Reports
14.01b Inventory Worksheet Detailed
14.02a Preinv 1) - Missing Copies List Report Detailed     PreInventory ppt
14.02b Preinv 2) - List Transits Report Detailed      
14.1 Step 1 - Set Inventory Date Report Detailed     InventoryProcess ppt
14.2 Step 2 - Scan Barcodes

Step 2a - Load Scanned Barcodes
  Tip Sheet #1 Percon
Tip Sheet #2
Troubleshooting Symbol Scanner
Enter Key
 for Symbol Scanne
14.3 Step 3a - Items Not in Inventory Report

Step 3b - Using Inventory Item Wizard
14.4 Step 4 - Checkout to MISSING Report 

Step 4b - Finalize
Detailed     Finalize Inventory ppt   
14.5 Step 5 - New MISSING Copies List Report Detailed      
14.6 Step 6 - DISCARD/DELETE Items  (Contact DASite) Detailed


e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
15.0 Reports: Table of Contents Detailed Flipchart    
15.1 Reports Introduction Detailed      
15.1.1 Reports Session Detailed
Flipchart   Tutorial
PC ppt.
MAC ppt.
15.2 Schedule New Reports Detailed Flipchart Buried Treasures Tip Sheet Tutorial
15.3 Report Components Chart Detailed   Tip Sheet
Use Date Gadget
15.4 Sample Report Setup Detailed      
15.5 Scheduled Reports Detailed Flipchart  Tip Sheet
Email Formatted Reports  
15.6 Finished Reports Detailed
Flipchart Tip Sheet
Word 2007 Setup
Tip Sheet
Viewing Reports in Excel
15.7 Using Report Templates Detailed     Tutorial
15.8   INFOhio Reports Detailed  Back to top^ Tip Sheet
Report Formatting

INFOhio Reports:                        Table of Contents


Statistics Reports

e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
a     CAS:  Age of Collection Detailed   Tip Sheet #1
Age of Collection graph
Tip Sheet #2
Import tips
Tip Sheet #3
b       CAS: Value of Collection Detailed   Tip Sheet #1
  Value of Collection Chart
Tip Sheet #2

Cataloging Reports

e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
a     CAT: Shelflist Detailed   Tip Sheet 
TextBook Report Setup
b   CAT: Reports for Consolidation Detailed

Circulation Reports

e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
a     CIR: Active Loans Detailed      
b     CIR: Circulation Statistics Not ready  See Section 15.8.7d      
c     CIR: Overdues and Notices Detailed   Tip Sheet
Incremental Overdue Notices


d     CIR: Receipts  Detailed      

Patron Reports

e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
a     PAT: List Users Detailed      

 Label Reports

e-Doc e-Docs are viewable only. Print Detailed or FlipChart documents. PLEASE complete survey after using eDocs.
a     LBL : Dumb Labels Detailed    INFOhio code 39 Barcode font download  
b     LBL : Item Labels Detailed   Tip Sheet
Label Stock
c     LBL : User Labels Detailed    


15.8.7 Custom Reports          
 (Includes Local ITC created)
a    OH Incremental Overdue Notices   Detailed      
b    OH Item Count (LIBRARY) Detailed      
c    OH List of Overdues / Fines Detailed      
d    Monthly Circ Count Detailed         
e    OH Overdue Desk List   Detailed      
15.10   Our FAVORITE Reports [HERE] Back to top^    
16   Offline (Standalone) Workflows   Back to top^    
16.0 Offline Workflows:
Table of Contents
16.01 Offline Workflows Overview Detailed     Tutorial
16.1 Offline Workflows Getting Started Detailed Flipchart Offline Tip Sheet
16.2 Offline Session Settings Detailed
16.3 Offline Register New User Detailed      
16.4 Offline Check Out Detailed      
16.5 Offline Check In Detailed      
16.6 Offline Renew Item Detailed      
16.7 Offline Complete Transactions Detailed      
16.7a Offline Complete ITC Staff Detailed      
17   Attendance   Back to top^    
  NO LONGER SUPPORTED by INFOhio 8/13        
18   Staff Web Client   Back to top^    
18.0 Staff Web: Table of Contents Detailed      
18.1 Logging In Detailed
18.2 Circulation Detailed
18.3 Reports Detailed
18.4 Cataloging Detailed
18.5 Inventory Detailed
19 Reserves   Back to top^
20 Misc. Tip Sheets   Back to top^
20.1 Create Barcodes to Mark Long Overdue Items Lost Detailed      
20.2   Back to School Checklist Detailed


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